Let’s Get Personal: Comforté


This post is for the women- or the men who know any women…

We all dread that time of the month, some more than others. Unfortunately, I am one of those some. The mood swings, the break outs, and the CRAMPS! It’s torture!

So when I received a sample of an all organic, natural PMS pain reliever, Comforté, I just had to try it. I must admit I was very skeptical at first, but I was willing to give anything a chance with the amount of pain I was in. I rubbed the cream on my abdomen and was pleasantly surprised at how quick it worked. It was way faster than over the counter pain medications, and when in pain, fast relief is at the top of my list.

One of the ingredients listed is menthol, and I was expecting a “Vapor Rub” feel, but it only felt slightly warm. I barely noticed it was there. Before I knew it, I was cramp free. The smell was clean and did not bother me either.

I used my Comforté every day for a whole cycle, and have decided I CANNOT live without it. Believe me, I tried (My skepticism got the best of me, again).  I had no idea something out there like this existed-

This stuff truly works. Read more here!