Roses Don’t Have to be Red: Valentine’s Day Gift Swaps

Growing up, Valentine’s Day was always celebrated in our house. My parents always got my siblings and me a little gift to show us that we were loved. It was something I always looked forward to every year. Because of this, it was hard for me to understand those who didn’t like Valentine’s Day or simply did not celebrate the day at all. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about celebrating a romantic relationship, but rather celebrating any and all relationships you are thankful for.

While ideally you should take time out of every day to remind that special someone that you love them, sometimes we can get caught up in everyday life and take them for granted. Use Valentines Day as a reminder to get you back on track. Everyone needs a little reminder to be more thankful for those special relationships in our lives. Try to use the day as what it is, a way to show your special someone that you care without spending tons on making stores richer.

“Traditional” Valentines Day gifts can be expensive and unoriginal.  Skip the scripted stuff like overpriced cards, candy, flowers, and stuffed animals. Show your boyfriend/husband that you care by doing something more thoughtful. I promise taking the time and showing more effort means more to them. It doesn’t even have to break the bank.

Here are a few of my favorite Valentines Day gift ideas:

Instead of buying boxed chocolates, try buying their favorite sweets:

While I do love all sorts of candy, my favorite kinds do not usually come in those over priced heart shaped boxes. Usually, they come in bulk sized bags with a more reasonable price tag. Another bonus, you can avoid the mess and chaos of the Valentine’s Day aisle, and show your special someone that you listen.

Instead of an going out for dinner, try cooking their favorite meal:

Lets be honest, waiting 3 hours for a table at an expensive restaurant does not make for the ideal romantic date. I don’t know about you, but I get grumpy and irritable when I am hungry. Make Valentines Day about the two of you, and not about all the fuss of going out and fighting the crowd.

Instead of buying a generic card, try creating your own:

Store bought cards with nothing personal inside end up getting thrown away at my house, but I love keeping the ones with a special note. Putting your own thoughts and words into a heartfelt card will mean ten times as more to the person you care about.

Instead of buying a Spa package, try running a bubble bath:

Spa packages can be super expensive, and unless you buy a couples massage, you won’t even be spending time together. Everyone loves a hot bubble bath with a glass (or bottle) of wine. Letting your spouse take some time for themselves, away from life’s stresses, can be the best thing in the world.

Instead of buying roses, try buying their favorite potted plant:

Who wants expensive flowers that die in a week? Not a great symbol of love in my book. I would much rather have one with roots that I can care for and watch grow.

Instead of buying a stuffed animal, try framing a special photograph:

Seriously, what adult has the need or room for a stuffed animal? Not me. I have enough clutter in my house as it is. If you want to create a way for your spouse to have something sentimental, frame a nice picture of the two of you together. Have you seen the unwanted frames section at thrift stores?

Instead of buying perfume, try getting their favorite body wash/moisturizer:

Unless you know exactly what kind of perfume she loves to wear, skip this idea completely. Most of it is overpriced and doesn’t smell great anyway. Buy her something to help her take care of herself. It will mean more than a bottle of perfume that will sit unopened on a shelf for years before she finally throws it out.

Instead of buying fancy lingerie, try buying her favorite underwear:

Underwear, like socks, you can never have enough of. I promise, no one wears that fancy stuff more than once. SO STOP BUYING IT. Besides, there are too many other factors at play that you could get wrong (the size, style, etc.) and again, its expensive and impractical. We would much rather have a few pairs of our favorite comfy panties (or even pajamas)!

Jewelry …

This one is a hit or miss from me. I can only speak for myself when I say I never wear expensive jewelry. Some women LOVE it, and the more diamonds the better. So telling you to buy your spouse/loved one something less expensive might not be the best idea if they are expecting something more. My opinion is that the heart shaped necklaces are cheesy and unoriginal, and they are going to end up in a drawer somewhere collecting dust. If you are going to get me jewelry, I would much rather have normal everyday items.


There is my list of favorite personal Valentine’s Day gifts. I would love to hear your favorite ideas. Thanks for reading!!


xxox Jacklyn




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  1. I recently nominated you for the blogger recognition award. Thanks for having a great blog to follow 🙂


  2. atkokosplace says:

    This is a wonderful post. Valentines Day is a great day to show someone you appreciate them. Great ideas you have! Thank you for sharing.


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