Why these “looking for whoever” memes need to STOP Immediately!

Facebook is famous for swarming the internet with viral posts, such as the ice bucket challenge, the no-make-up selfie, and the fake privacy hoax. However, none of these intentionally hurt people uninvolved from the post.

Now trending: Finding people you find aesthetically displeasing, creating a meme of them, tagging your friends on social media, and giggling like preschoolers.

“Hey, I am looking for [enter name here], can you tag them?”

I am sure you all know what I am talking about by now, as it has taken Facebook by storm over the last few weeks, and it needs to stop.

I cannot scroll through my news feed without seeing at least five of them, and honestly, I find it sad.

Really, people? We are all grown adults and should not need someone else to tell you- this is nothing but another form of bulling. Just because it is a picture of someone you do not know, does not mean that they do not exist. That girl you consider overweight, guy with one tooth, or the girl with thick glasses and braces are real, live people, who, I’m guessing do not appreciate being bullied online.

Can you even imagine scrolling down your time line seeing an unflattering picture of yourself and everyone laughing at it? I personally would be humiliated, and I can imagine it would be a lot worse for someone who has struggled with self esteem issues their entire life.

Just because someone is not as fortunate as you are, does not mean they need to become the butt of some joke to get likes and laughs. Think about the consequences of your actions, especially online, where everything is permanent.

This world has enough hate, and I refuse to stand by and let others feed into adding more. We need to focus more on loving and uplifting one another instead of tearing each other down.




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