5 Ways I Created a Unique Wedding Day, While Saving Money

It is especially weird sitting down to write about something that happened almost two months ago. I thought I would be able to talk about it right away, but I never took into account that the wedding pictures would come at a later date.

I was the Bride who wanted to elope.

We already lived together, and had/have a million other things that we should be spending large chunks of money on. I wanted to run away somewhere romantic, and have that special moment be between my husband and me. (I am in love with downtown Savannah, GA). We would have saved money and been just as married, right?

However, my husband really wanted a more traditional wedding.

A wedding with all of his close family and friends, and as much as I wanted to elope, I couldn’t bare to actually take that away from him. Trust me, I tried justify eloping on many occasions, but unless I demanded it, he would not budge.

So we compromised.

We had the ‘traditional’ wedding with all our family and friends, but on a much smaller scale than normal. There would be no inviting all the distant relatives, family friends, or coworkers. As much as cutting my list down pained me just a little, it just wasn’t in the budget or the intimate wedding atmosphere I wanted.

I had one rule when it came to invitations.

Would my wedding day be missing something if they didn’t come? If I answered yes to this question, they got an invitation.  If no, I didn’t give it a second thought. This must sound harsh, but I couldn’t think about everyone and their feelings. I would have ended up inviting everyone and their brother, probably even the mailman. My list included 50 people. 50 of my closest family and friends.

I planned my wedding the way I wanted it.

If I was going to have a wedding, I was going to do it my way. No generic, stuffy ceremony. No sit down meal with steak, fish, or chicken (Don’t forget the vegetarian option too). And certainly no 20 person wedding party. Nope, we were keeping this small. 1 Maid of Honor, 1 bridesmaid, and 2 Co-best men (my husband couldn’t choose between the two). There aren’t any small children in my family whatsoever, so we wouldn’t be ‘renting’ a flower girl or ring barrier. Besides, no one really wants to go out and buy their son or daughter a $100 wedding outfit they are only going to fit in/wear once. I think that is a lot to ask of someone.

For a year and two months, I planned every detail of our wedding to reflect our personalities and interests.

Here are a few things that made our wedding day unique, while keeping the cost down:


1. I paid $5 a piece for my bridesmaids dressesimg_0132-l

Yes, you read that correctly. Most bridal stores will run sales on dress samples. These are the ones they used to let people try them on in the stores and have been discontinued. Because I only had two people to buy dresses for, this made it easy to find two similar ones on the sale rack. If you aren’t picky about your colors (or are indecisive like me) you can do this for your bridesmaids and save them a ton on a dress they will never wear again!! If you start looking early, sales run in the off-season (Jan. -Mar.). Trust me, your Bridal Party will thank you!

2. We had a food truck.

Food Trucks are up and coming and a great way to make your wedding unique.IMG_0486-L.jpgNot very ‘traditional’, but boy, oh boy, was that food delicious.

The truck is just like a normal caterer except all the food is made right there on site making it a lot fresher than if the caterer delivered it. This allowed me to select the exact menu I wanted, and my guests were able to try a variety of foods. This kept the cost down and gave me the atmosphere that I desired. My guests could not stop raving about the food and service.

If you are looking for a food truck for your wedding, and are local to SC, check out Thoroughfare Food Truck! I cannot say enough great things about them. They are wonderful!

3. I bought wooden flowers and made center piecesIMG_0119-M.jpg

I am not a huge fan of picked flowers. They cost a fortune, and they die! I wanted to be able to make my centerpieces and bouquets ahead of time so I would not be running around the day of trying to use fresh ones. We had originally planned on using fake flowers, but when I saw these wooden ones from EcoFlower, I knew I had to have them. They are always running sales too. You can buy the bouquets already made, or save even more money by ordering single flowers and arranging them yourself.



4. My Grandma made my wedding cake. IMG_0484-L.jpg

If there is one thing my grandma loves to do, its bake. I simply cannot remember going to her house without there being a dessert of some sort. She has always baked the cakes for our birthdays and graduations, so it only seemed natural to ask her to make my wedding cake. This is where I had to let go of the reigns a little bit, because I had absolutely no idea what it was going to look like, but that was okay with me. It was the memory that mattered. It turned out wonderful and tasted great! Cherry Almond Pound Cake! I am so looking forward to eating the frozen piece I have in my freezer on our first anniversary. And if that piece is no good, I can always get her to recreate it 😉


5. I had a close friend Officiate our Ceremony

I have a close friend and mentor, who I love dearly.I wanted to incorporate in our wedding somehow. I knew she was an amazing public speaker and extremely outgoing, so it was a no-brainer to have her officiate! This was very different from having a pastor, but I wanted our ceremony to be about us, and I knew she would keep the tone light and bubbly. She did an amazing job, and I could not have been more pleased.



A wedding can be anything you want it to be- there are no rules. Let loose and have fun!!






7 Comments Add yours

  1. Love this! I did my whole wedding too! Such a money saver and it was actually exciting seeing it all come together! Congratulations on getting married!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Jacklyn says:

      Thank you! It really was amazing to see it come together. There are times I never thought it would work, but some way some how it did!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know, same here! But it’s SO satisfying knowing it did! And that you did it!


  2. atkokosplace says:

    I’m totally impressed! Well done on it all. Great advice too. We sorta eloped…Reno! Hahaha. I would have love to have done it like you did, but family got in the way. I suppose we saved a lot of money! 🙂


    1. Jacklyn says:

      Oh I would have loved to elope! I tried that. I’m very realistic when it comes to money, and we still spent a lot and we could have used on other things. I’m sure your elopement was just as meaningful and you’re just as married as someone who spent 40 thousand dollars.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. atkokosplace says:

        I too am glad we didn’t spend a fortune. We are nearing three decades so yes, eloping is still married. Your wedding was done smartly. Stay smart with your money and decisions. Your bank account will grow! We were able to put two kids through private colleges too! 🙂


      2. Jacklyn says:

        Oh wow! Thirty years is a huge accomplishment in today’s day. 😊 thank you for the advice. I appreciate it!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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