Hosting Thanksgiving {For the First Time}

This year makes for a lot of firsts in our new house, one being Thanksgiving. In years past we have always gone to one of our grandparents house, but this year they are remodeling and have are not able to host.

Most people would rather forego the madness of hosting Thanksgiving, but Matthew and I were beyond thrilled to volunteer our house -as we are still in the phase of showing it off!  At first it was a little overwhelming because I have never cooked quite so much comfort food at once, but we decided to split up the dishes and have everyone to bring something to make it a little less stressful. I am sure as I get more comfortable with cooking, I will take on a larger chunk of the menu.

To keep organized and navigate through all the things that need to get done before we have guests over, I made a to-do list that involves cleaning, decorating, and a Thanksgiving Menu with complete shopping list.


My to-do lists are never detailed or extensive. My mind can feel stressed and foggy at times because of all the things I am trying to keep track of, so do a five minute brainstorm and write down whatever comes to mind. Once it is on paper, I can stop worrying about it. This is a big help in keeping stress levels low. Later I will organize them by date and importance (The deck is to come wayyy later). This helps me stay on track and not forget anything.

  1. Our portion of the menu goes as follows:

Cranberry Glazed Ham

Horseradish Red Skin Mashed Potatoes – from Maya’s Meals

Cheddar and Thyme Scones

Sweet Potato Praline

Click the links above to see which recipes I used 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving!!!








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