Zumba VS. Jazzercise

Let me start off by saying, I absolutely HATE exercise – but it seems to love me. I feel better, less anxious, and more energized when I add a little exercise in my routine. The hardest part is getting off the couch…


What I have found is that I love my exercise to be in the form of a group dance class. It holds me accountable to go at a certain time and stay the whole hour when I have others watching! An hour seems to go by a whole lot faster when you are dancing it away. Also, it mixes cardio with strength training at the same time. Full body work out all in one hour? Um, YES!! 

I started off taking Zumba classes and I absolutely loved it! Most of the time I would even forget I was working out. After my husband and I married and moved to a different area, I found myself looking for a new Zumba studio, but could not find one close enough. That is when I went on a hunt to find any sort of group dance class, and immediately stumbled upon Jazzercise. Which to me, sounded like exactly the same thing as Zumba. So as any person would, I started ‘Googling’ the difference and could not find much.So, I took a Jazzercise class and here is what I discovered –

The basic differences between Zumba and Jazzercise:


This is just my experience on the classes I took and the basic differences I noticed – I am sure there are more.  Feel free to add some 🙂

Personal Opinion: I am probably THE MOST uncoordinated person on the planet. I did not mind going to a Zumba class and embarrassing myself by dancing the wrong direction, but I will say that Jazzercise is a lot easier for me to follow- but everyone is different. Try them both and see what you think!


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