5 New Relationship Habits to Adopt 

We have only been married for a little over a month, but have already developed some fun relationship habits that we feel keep our marriage vibrant and fresh. Some of these habits we had prior to getting married and some have developed more recently. I love finding new simple ways to incorporate my husband into my busy day, and I hope you will find a habit you are able to use in your relationship/marriage.

1. Go to bed at the same time.

When we first started living together, we used to stay up all night talking, but after life set in, it just didn’t seem feasible. I really do not know how we functioned some days. Instead of getting rid of that ritual altogether, we simply replaced it with something more doable- going to bed at the same time.

Now there are definitely some exceptions to this rule. (i.e.. when Matthew wants to stay up and watch 1am football and I can barely keep my eyes open) But for the most part, we always go to bed together.

This may sound odd to some, but going to bed together gives you one-on-one time without much distraction. Also, this is the time my brain starts thinking and remembering, and I am able to share some of those thoughts with my husband. It is a nice ending to our long days, and an easy way to play catch up.

2. Always kiss goodbye in the morning.

This is something my husband has ALWAYS done. I am willing to bet my life that he has never skipped a morning in all the years we have been living together (unless he has been away for the night).

He goes to work super early, so I am still sound asleep when he leaves, but he always gently wakes me to give me a kiss.

Honestly, I probably would never have missed this tradition if he hadn’t started it, but it is one of my most treasured habits.

3. Pack our lunches together.

This is something we just started not too long ago, and it comes and goes when things get busy. I have found that packing our lunches for the next day helps us bond at night and gives us time to plan our day. It helps us save money and eat healthier. Packing them together helps us motivate one another to make time to do it and not put if off until there is no time left.

4. Take time for ourselves.

As much as we love to spend time together, it is always refreshing to spend a little time for ourselves. He has his hobbies and I have min. Recently those hobbies have been exercising!! We tried exercising together, but with such different styles, that was never going to work. It is nice to take out all my frustrations before I come home, so I don’t take them out on him.

5. Love Favors.

This is something I got from someone else’s ideas that I brought into our relationship before we were engaged. Love Favors are something you can ask your partner for once a day that they HAVE to do with a happy heart (that is the only way this works). The idea is not to abuse the system, but to ask for help every now and then. We do not use it everyday, but only every so often. My husband stepped this habit up a notch when we got married by texting me every morning on his way to work and asking, “What can I do for you today that will make your day easier?” I loved that! I would happily suggest that he start dinner when he got home, and without any complaints it would be done when I got home.

Since then, I have tried to develop this habit myself, though it is very hard because it’s an act of selflesslessness- One characteristic I treasure most about my husband!

These are just some of our relationship habits, but I would love to add more. Let us know if there is something special you do in your own relationships. Thanks for reading!


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