4 Carnival Cruise Line Tips

You might have heard by now that my husband, Matthew, and I recently returned from our honeymoon to Bermuda. If you have read our other posts, you are aware of how beautiful and relaxing Bermuda is. What we want to talk about now is the cruise ship we used to get there, so you can decide if a cruise- or a Carnival Cruise is right for you.

1. Sail and Sign Card

This little card is connected to your credit card and works just like it- but be careful even though most things are included, it is easy to run up a tab. The bill will hit you all at once the morning before disembarking.

2. Ignore the sales pitches.

The ship will have raffles and drawings galore. Ignore those. Most of them are sales pitches for jewelry, alcohol, or other merchandise. They will lure you in with the promises of free stuff, and you will spend 2 hours of your vacation in hopes of winning a $20 tie or bracelet. Go enjoy yourselves and relax instead.

3. The staff is amazing

This is absolutely true. The staff on the ship are from all parts of the world- and I mean it when I say all parts! They are most likely on a nine month contract away from their families and will share great information about their countries if asked.They genuinely care about the guests and will do their best to meet your every need!

4. Timing is Everything

This is a big one.

We made the decision to go on our honeymoon a month after our wedding so we could sail to Bermuda. It was the only time it was leaving from Charleston, SC. Because it was the beginning of November, most kids were in school, and most adults were at work. . That left an entire ship of 70 and up retirees. For anyone who knows me, knows this is right up my ally. At the ripe old age of 23, I love to crochet, take long naps, stay home with my chihuahuas, and get in bed before 10pm. I truly am an old soul. My husband on the other hand is the exact opposite.

Side Note: Not many people take their beach vacations in the middle of Fall- which makes them more affordable, and most Caribbean Islands are still in the 70s or 80s in the Winter.

Carnival looks at the demographics of the guests on board and plans activities accordingly. This made for a lot of BINGO nights and casino days, which didn’t leave for much in between. Not that we don’t enjoy both of those activities, but they do cost quite a bit of extra money.

Now the other alternatives to this are summer cruises, full of children screaming or full of young adults partying all night. Personally, I will stick with the retirees. We just get along better, but it is something to consider when planning your next cruise.

Thank you for reading! We hope you enjoyed and found some useful information for your next getaway!


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