Seperation Anxiety: FurBabies

We set sail for our honeymoon in less than 12 hours, and as excited as I am for a vacation, I am heart broken to leave my dogs behind.

For anyone who knows me, knows I love my two Chihuahua babies more than life. Probably an unhealthy amount. If I have a choice, I am always going to choose staying home with them over anything else. I know someone has to relate to this!

They are going to stay with my sister while we are away. I am super grateful for her looking after them- they LOVE her. So I know they will be fine. I am the one with the separation anxiety…

My fear is I have no way to explain to them that I am not abandoning them- that I am coming back. Ridley will give me that puzzled look as I walk out the door, and I will lose it.




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  1. Sam has a philosophy… love the one you are with! I would feel just like you when leaving him with his regular minder when I had to leave for a few days.. He was all over them like a rash and never gave me a second thought until I walked through the door and he then ignored them completely.. Lovely photo.. Sally


    1. Jacklyn says:

      Thanks for the perspective! I know all will be okay once I leave.

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  2. Dayna says:

    Hope they did great with your sister and that you enjoyed your honeymoon!


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